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The ‘school is back in session’ hype feels compounded following a pandemic. It’s not just back-to-school outfits and decorating the classroom. Parents, students, teachers, and staff want to know that their building is clean and efforts are being made to reduce the risks of virus transmission. Federal relief funds are being permeated throughout school districts to support this endeavor to make these vital improvements.  

That leaves the facility maintenance workforce to create and execute an effective re-open strategy that will have everyone’s full attention. Chemsearch FE is ready to help facilitate a successful and sanitized start to the school year.

Our strategy is focused on surface disinfection and contactless maintenance in three key areas.

Key Area #1: Ventilation

  • Recommendation: New guidelines suggest to significantly increase the flow of outside air into buildings
  • Benefits: reduces the amount of recycled return air and thus decreases the risk for virus transmission; improved HVAC efficiency reduces energy waste and utility costs
  • Challenges: buildings become subject to local outdoor air quality including allergens, pollutants, varying temperature, and humidity conditions. Debris from the outside air can also build up in the HVAC system making it less efficient and increase associated costs.
  • Chemsearch FE Solution(s): Check out this HVAC preventative maintenance checklist with recommended solutions to help manage air quality, temperature control, and system efficiency. Click here to view.

Key Area #2: Drain Systems

  • Recommendation: Create or improve current routines dedicated to drain maintenance. 
  • Benefits: Reduces or eliminates the viral loads inside the system that otherwise can build up and be transmitted (via wastewater aerosols) into the air.
  • Challenges: Consistent drain maintenance routines are at the mercy of the ever-busy facility maintenance staff.
  • Chemsearch FE Solution(s): We have both automated and self-application drain solutions. Click here to learn more about what sets our solutions apart.

Key Area #3: High-traffic surface areas

  • Recommendation: The CDC guidelines direct the frequent cleaning and disinfection of all commonly touched surfaces.
  • Benefits: Surfaces in high-traffic areas are a breeding ground for harmful and unwanted bacteria and viruses. High-frequency disinfection mitigates the risks and progression of these undesirables.
  • Chemsearch FE Solution(s): We have several products to help maintain high standards of surface cleanliness, click here to view, as well as our Facility Shield Program aimed to successfully recommission buildings in a post-pandemic state. In addition, we have several solutions in our odor control line that promote a clean and healthy environment. Click here to view.

While relief funds and opportunities to focus on facility improvements arise, we know our facility engineers need support and resources to keep pace with ‘the new normal’ expectations. We look forward to being that support in the endeavor to create a healthy environment at every facility.
If you would like to further discuss facility solutions with one of our resource management experts, please click here and we will get someone in touch with you soon.

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