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Is your commercial kitchen or bar area infested with small annoying flies? Much smaller than the common house fly, these flies are often referred to as fruit flies, drain flies or sewer gnats.

So maybe after having tried fly tapes, home remedies or even a professional pest control company you still aren’t satisfied with the results. That’s because fly tapes and many home remedies only address the adult flies. To effectively control fly infestations, one must break the reproduction cycle of the flies. In other words, attack the problem at its source, the breeding ground.

Most often, flies are breeding in the floor drains. The water in the p-trap and rotting organic matter layered on the walls of the riser provide an ideal environment for the flies to breed. A fly’s life cycle from egg to adult fly takes one to two weeks. A floor drain provides a relatively protected environment for the fly to develop through each life stage undisturbed.

While professional pesticide companies understand that flies are breeding in the drains, they are only trained and equipped to address the problem using pesticides. Foaming a drain with a pesticide will eliminate flies in their varied life stages in a treated drain. However, the effectiveness of the pesticide will slowly be rinsed away. What will remain is the rotting organic material that attracts the flies to the drain. Soon new flies will enter the drain and restart the breeding cycle.

An effective program requires removing the larval food source so that the floor drain is no longer an attractive breeding ground. Because Chemsearch FE offers a wide range of solutions for facilities management, our drain fly programs will be complete in providing a drain maintenance solution as well as an EPA-approved pesticide. Add in a few best kitchen practices taught by your Chemsearch FE representative and you are not likely to experience a fly infestation ever again.

Yet, even our solutions are not one and done. Why? The flies come in via fresh produce. Unless you plan to stop bringing in fresh produce, you will continually be bringing flies on premise. And even if you utilize a complete solution that includes cleaning the drains, the drains in time will get dirty again. But don’t worry, your Chemsearch FE representative can survey and develop a periodic DIY program, or a monthly service agreement solution to take the problem completely out of your hands.

Our representatives at Chemsearch FE are extremely knowledgeable about these topics as well as many other facility maintenance areas. If you’d like to discuss further facility solutions with one of our resource management experts, please click here and we will get someone in touch with you soon!

Written by Account Manager, Ralph

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