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Charla is an account manager working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her product knowledge and dedication make her a valuable addition to our sales team. Learn more about Charla’s role, her hobbies and what she enjoys about working for Chemsearch FE.

Charla grew up a military brat. She has lived in eight different states and traveled to 45 states. She ended up in Tennessee and has lived there for almost 15 years. She has always said that with moving around so much in her life, she has never met a stranger. Charla says that Tennessee is the most beautiful state, with four seasons, and the location is central, which she really enjoys.

Charla and her husband just got married a month ago. They have a 2-year-old son who is their world. They spend a lot of time with him at the playground or riding bikes at the greenway. She loves gardening and shooting skeet. They have some land in the country where they go to ride 4Wheelers and get some fresh air. A bonfire with s’mores is the best way to close out a weekend.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

Hands down, when a customer gives me a referral. They trust you enough to send you to their friends and colleagues.

How does working for FE align with your life goals?

I am able to create my own schedule and work with who I want. I am able to pursue opportunities at my own pace. I know that the harder I work, the more money I can make. That is very exciting to me. I am able to take care of my son and be present in his life—at all of his programs and functions. I know if he decides to play sports, I will be able to move my schedule around to make most of his games.

Where were you (job or industry) before joining FE? Did you see yourself in a sales role?

I was in a sales manager role for a rental car company. I knew sales was for me, but I wanted to find something that was a better fit for me personally. I like how I am helping customers find solutions, with the end goal being sustainability and increased efficiency! I feel like I am helping customers go green and save the world!

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far in your career with FE?

Successfully making the transition from my first year as a territory manager to a seasoned rep as an account manager! My territory is especially rural, so it’s exciting to know there is enough opportunity out there to build a career around.

What do you consider a fulfilling workday?

I really enjoy helping a customer solve a problem that has been a thorn in their side for years! We truly have solutions that can help do that! Couple that with giving out some fun novelties and getting a few orders! If I can make a customer laugh and walk out of their office with a sale, my job is done.

One of Charla’s managers, Luke, shares his experience working with Charla:

Working with Charla is an absolute blast. She does an outstanding job of balancing being a professional and having a lot of fun at what she does. I believe Charla has excelled at building strong business relationships with her customers. On a personal level, Charla’s customer base find her to be a joy. From a business standpoint, the customers view Charla as an asset to their facility and someone they turn to for consulting.

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