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At Chemsearch FE we know we don’t want just anyone to fill one of our positions. We want someone who has the ability (obviously, who doesn’t!?), but we are also looking for a fit culturally. Anyone can find a job, but it takes 100% effort to find your career. This post will help you nail your next career move.

The World (wide web) is your Oyster
The Facebook-era activated a new fear of walking up to someone and divulging information you learned about them on the site and not from them directly. Curiosity might not kill the cat, but it definitely might make things awkward. However, in the job market, stalking is expected once that initial interview is scheduled. There is nothing worse than showing up to an initial interview without actually knowing anything about the company. Subsequent interviews up through the final one, you should know everything there is to know that you could have found online. If the question, “What do you guys do?” rolls out of your mouth, the recruiter is on the other end rolling their eyes rethinking whether you are serious candidate with genuine interest in the company.

Here are some key places to visit:
  1. The company website—no brainer—however, what are you looking for? Think of the job you are specifically applying for and visit portions of the website that would pertain to that job function. For example, let’s say you were applying to be a marketing coordinator for a specific retail line of a large company. Spending time on all the product lines wouldn’t be as relevant as taking the time to dig deep into the specific line for which you are applying.
  2. O*NET—know what typical job descriptions look like, key characteristics of being successful, the career path and even the median salary for your area.
  3. Glassdoor is arguably the most reliable resource to read through company reviews. There is no harm in preparing yourself for what you could be in for in your next career move. You deserve to find the right fit for you, personally and professionally.
  4. Google News—see if the company you are applying with has been in the news recently and for what.
  5. YouTube—see if they have a company page where you can easily learn more about the company and their efforts.
  6. Social Platforms(1) LinkedIn—you are able to look up the people you might be interviewing with as well as look up the company page to get another view of the company. Make sure your profile is professional and complete, as this is the first place that a recruiter might go to look more into you as a candidate.(2) Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—you can usually see more of the company culture on these outlets.

So what is the next step? Get out there and do some research on the company you are interested in. Hopefully, it is Chemsearch FE. Click here to apply now!

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