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As many of you know, the weather across the United States can be very unpredictable. You could get six inches of snow one day and 60°F weather the next. How can you ensure that your walkways are safe for your employees and guests? To prevent slips and falls at your facility, a durable, anti-slip epoxy for your steps and walkways is a must.

It is important to also consider the expenses that your facility can be hit with in the event that an injury occurs from a slip or fall. According to the National Safety Council, fall injuries constitute approximately $70 billion annually in workers’ compensation and medical costs in the United States. It is essential that your facility uses preventative maintenance on its flooring to reduce slips and falls.

E-Z Strip is Chemsearch FE’s anti-slip epoxy for traction control that can last in place up to 3 years, with no need to reinstall after each winter. It will continue to provide safety, traction, and visibility for hundreds of employees and visitors as they enter and exit your building. E-Z Strip can be exposed to sun/UV, summer temperatures up to 98°F, winter temperatures down to 4°F, snow shovels, excessive ice melting chemicals, and foot traffic from hundreds of tenants, and remain 100% intact.

In certain circumstances, building maintenance departments have had to replace their anti-slip tape on the stairs inside the building every year, while E-Z Strip on the outside steps remained completely resilient. E-Z Strip is extremely easy to apply and will provide your facility years of safety, traction, and visibility, all while saving you time and money by avoiding repeatedly replacing anti-slip tape. Click here to learn more!

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